BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing – Unlock Possibilities

Choosing a course of study after class 12thends up being one of the biggest dilemmas for students. From peer pressure to favouritism and constant advice from closed ones – the journey of selecting a course to study is difficult.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are thinking of pursuing a BBA course, especially in Oil and Gas Marketing. Through the years, the oil and gas industry has been instrumental in shaping the world. It is among the six core industries in India and plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of other sections of the economy.

Why BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing?

The economic growth of India is highly dependent on the energy demand – making oil and gas industry important from an economic sense. There is much investment in this sector, and it is witnessing research and development at a fast pace. Since the industry is projected to grow in the near future, pursuing a course like BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing enables students to grab opportunities and benefit from an industry that will forever grow.

The Demand

From petroleum to natural gas and renewable sector – the growth will rise because the total fuel consumption is expected to grow around 5% and more every year. For years, the oil and gas sector has been indirectly fueling the growth of the Indian economy – it indirectly supports other areas of the economy.

With such growth, there is a demand for professionals who are apt in the Oil and Gas sector. BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing essentially moulds students into knowing the most profound intricacies of this sector. Not only are there immense job opportunities, but the career path is also interesting.

Professionals can work across many different roles and contribute to making India economically stronger.

Take away for Students

With a BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing, a student will turn into an industry-ready marketing professional who will work in the Petro-retailing and lubes marketing industry. Through this course, students will be exposed to workings of the oil and gas industry that will necessarily help them understand the nature of the business. Along with the processes, students will also recognise the intricacies of the industry that will help them gain valuable experience over time.

Furthermore, students will develop skills to manage challenges and identify opportunities in the sales and marketing funnel of the oil and gas sector. Understanding the legalities of oil trade contracts will also allow students to negotiate deals and execute orders. Also, students will know the underlying nuances on how to effectively market products and compare trade offers.

Career Prospects

There are vast career opportunities after a BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing. It is one course that will not limit students to just stick to the industry. However, the number of jobs available within the sector is high, and students should hold on to the sector.

Students will be learning vastly about Oil and Gas Business, Oil and Gas Storage, Lubricant Marketing, Petroleum Law and Policy, Gas Fundamental and Marketing along with the core business subjects such as economics, accounting, marketing, sales and organisational behaviour.

The career prospects include:

  • Gas Business and Marketing
  • City Gas Marketing
  • Lube Oil Sales and Marketing
  • Petrol Retailing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Loyalty Program Management


Students who are passionate about understanding the business world have many choices. If students are looking to unlock possibilities into a career that will forever witness growth – oil and gas should be their pick. It is a promising field where students can choose to major in a role that is apt for them. It will help students in gaining expertise in crude oil and lube oil markets. Also, it will be easier for students to achieve fluency in principles associated with price-risk management.

There are only a handful of universities offering a BBA course in Oil and Gas Marketing. Since the field requires a high-level of expertise – only a few universities like UPES offer BBA in Oil and Gas Marketing. Students looking to pursue this course, should check out the official website and apply for admissions online.