Does technology in the classroom help or harm students?

Does technology in the classroom help or harm students?

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay. It will keep advancing every year and all we can do is embrace it and make sure that we get as much positive outcomes from it as we can. After all, any new improvements are supposed to make our lives easier and improve the quality of what was in existence before. In this regard, we ask ourselves, does using technology in the classroom help or harm students? The answer is both yes and no. This is because to some extent, there are some positive outcomes as well as negative outcomes that come from using technology. The emergence of several homework doing sites such as famedwritings is a prove that technology is overtaking classroom work

Take for example as a teacher. You want to present something visual to your students. Drawing charts may be an idea but you may not be as accurate as the actual material or type of information you are trying to put across. The students might also get confused when they see the actual thing from what was presented in the charts. You may want to introduce technology in the classroom by use of projectors and laptops so as to project the actual visuals. This will help your students to better internalize the point you are trying to put across. This would be an example of helping your students by incorporating technology in the classroom. You can even gauge the impact yourself. You can check for student engagement when using technology and when you are not. You can also check for attendance patterns when using both. The results will help you make an analysis on whether the use of technology is helping or harming your students.

When it comes to students, taking notes by hand is frowned upon and seen as a tiring chore. As a teacher, you can allow your students to bring in their laptops so as to ease their work when taking notes down. Typing is faster and tidier. Attendance here will also be affected because students know they will be able to utilize their gadgets to enhance proficiency. This is a way of helping your students. On the other hand, there will always be bad seeds among good ones. Not all your students will necessarily use that opportunity to enhance their learning. Some cheeky students will use this time to reach out on their social media platforms, replying to emails, messages or even listening to music or funny videos.

Some will even be texting in the same class making fun of you as their teacher. This is indeed harmful to a student as it affects their performance in class. When looking at the bigger picture, the teacher will be blamed for allowing such kind of behaviour in class. You as the teacher are assumed to have full control of the activities taking place in the classroom. Allowing gadgets may help some and may harm some students. You can introduce measures such as turning off the internet during class to ensure that the laptops are solely used for taking notes or looking at earlier downloaded visuals for the class. With controlled use of technology in the classroom, it can be very useful and helpful for students.

Class participation is one other variable that will be able to help you gauge whether the use of technology in the classroom is helpful or harmful. As a teacher, give your students an assignment and ask them to present it in class during the next lesson. Watch and judge from their enthusiasm levels and the energy they exude during the presentation. Give them yet another assignment but this time around, ask them to research widely and present it using their laptops and projectors. Gauge the two presentations and you will be able to tell whether technology is helpful or harmful.

I can bet that the students were more excited when making the presentations using technology. They are excited to show you and their fellow students what they were able to come up and that they indeed worked hard for that particular project. Teachers have in the past complained that they struggled with their students to bring in their homework. With the use of technology, you can ask your students to email in their assignments or even use online assistance sites such as famedwritings. If the number of students handing in their assignments rises, there you have it. Technology will help your students enhance their proficiency.

Technology in the classroom therefore depends on how you control its usage as the teacher in charge. You allow your students to use it within the given limits to maximize on the positives. Technology is a necessary evil and since we cannot kick it out or eradicate it, we may as well make use of it the best way we know how. We have to make technology work for us rather than against us.